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Eat well, even when your life gets tossed upside down.

In 2009, my husband, Jon, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which rocked our world. In culinary school, I found my passion for nutrition and got to work researching and asking a million questions to anyone who had the knowledge of how we could navigate his treatment, recovery and get the support we needed. Enter Paleo. This word and meaning has shifted for the last several years, as we found things that worked well for us, and how well Jon adjusted to his recovery. What we found, was that keeping the food simple, the flavors fresh, and the meals ready to eat were what saved our sanityIn 2015, six years later, Jon was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and we were once again shook, albeit with a better nutritional arsenal!

One night, a dear friend of ours from Jon's bible study came over and brought a meal his wife had prepared just for us. It was a delicious roasted salmon fillet, and a simple salad. No fanfare, just delicious and ready for us to enjoy. That became my "a-ha!" moment, as I felt the grace of getting back what I most needed with my husband; time. Precious time with the one I loved. I started my little Personal Chef business that year and named it "La Bonne Vie", which in French, means "the good life". Our life had been made good from the provision of someone else taking care of one of our most basic human needs. I knew my life was meant to take care of others, and help them feel that same feeling I did, with a sense of consistent, delicious and healthy meals, without the dishes. 

Thanks to an amazing team of doctors, nutritionists, a nerdy-food obsessed Chef wife, and the grace of God, Jon has made a full recovery and enjoys jiu jitsu, podcasts & educating others in EMS. We are so thankful for the support, food & provision.

Now, we have a team of Chefs who work hard each week to provide delicious, healthful meals to each and every one of our families. We take into account your specific dietary needs, picky kids, busy schedules, and time constraints so each meal is made specifically for you. We are an on purpose, non-cookie-cutter business and we look forward to creating delicious, personalized prepared meals for you and your family.

When I get to heaven, I’ll be able to eat whatever I want. Until that happens, I have you!
— J. Bennington